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  • ForeFlight Weather Icons

    Anyone know what these symbols represent? and

  • Main BATT Amps Warning Light on the G1000

    Over my last two flights, I started getting a warning light about too much draw (or discharge) on the Main BATT indicator. Normally it is showing -1 AMPS, but occasionally it dips to -1.5 AMPS, and when it does that, it goes yellow. I’ve got a query out to try and figure out what this […]

  • Aviation and the iPad

    Here’s a good report on the utility of the iPad for aviation use. If you have interest in potentially using or buying an iPad for use in flying, this is a must see.

  • New v563.18 Software for Garmin G1000 is Ready

    The new v563.18 software for G1000 is getting ready to be released. I hear should be out in July. You can download the new documentation here. Features include: Pathways for SVT Engine data logging (see this post) Flight plan SD card upload and download AOPA info New XM features including PIREP’s, AIRREP’s, and TURB

  • Next G1000 Software Version to include Flight Data Logging

    I’m pleased that we’ll soon have Flight Data Logging for the G1000. This will greatly enhance preventive maintenance capabilities, not to mention allow for a wide variety of post flight analysis. The software is already out for the Diamond and I’ve heard coming to Cessna aircraft soon. Here’s what the latest Diamond manual says: “The […]

  • Military Escort

    Nice company on the ramp at KJKA.

  • Velocity Azimuth Display (VAD) Wind Profiles for Pilots

    The VAD is a nice tool that can be used to get a ROUGH idea on where area cloud tops are. But all the VAD tools I could find online had pretty abysmal user interfaces. So I hacked this up – maybe some of you pilots will find it useful as a preflighting tool.

  • on Mobile Devices

    Anyone else having issues using on a Blackberry? In this image, you see how unreadable and difficult to deal with a flight plan is using their web site. On a computer it’s great, but very difficult on the Blackberry. And this is using their mobile device portal – so that doesn’t seem to help […]

  • Doc’s New Web Site

    I helped my CFI “Doc” get a web site stood up. It’s up and running, and you can view it here.

  • Flight Down to Ft. Lauderdale Executive (KFXE)

    A few pictures of our trip down to Ft. Lauderdale. From Atlanta, a four hour flight. We had some hefty tailwinds on much of the route – with long periods of making 165kts ground speed. [nggallery id=13]