Hawaii Photos:

Round the Island





On the Ironman route...

Sunset over Mauna Kea Beach

Seawall at Ironman start

Encroaching Lava





Scenic Pololu Valley

Biking Crater Rim Drive

Rainbow in Hilo

Terri climbing Kohala Mt. Road





Terri on the lava flow

Steam plume at ocean entry

Ohi'a Forest on the Kilauea Iki trail

Our day off at the resort





Hawaii's state bird

Entering Volcano National Park

Turtles on Punalu'u Black Sand Beach

After a long day





Hawaiian Cemetary

Biking near South Point

Bamboo Restaurant in Hawi

Hawaii's version of weeds





Standing on top of the lava tubes

The nice folks at Hilo Bike Hub

Overlooking the Crater

On Kohala Mt. Road

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