Entering a Radial on the Garmin 430/530

Recently on the CPA Forum, someone posted the following question:

"Flying out of Ft Lauderdale yesterday, the CBs were building rapidly and ATC was routing all incoming flights northeast to a VOR, then to fly on the 090 radial and a turn to the south when able. Obviously, this could be done using a combination of the Garmin for the direct to the VOR and then the HSI/VOR to fly the radial. (Or you could do it all on the VOR of course). But, is there anyway to enter that kind of routing into your Garmin flight plan other than by entering a user waypoint at some arbitrarily long distance from the VOR on the 090 and then using the waypoint as the next segment....?"

To which the following solution was suggested:

"You could use the OBS mode to dial the 090 radial from the VOR. Then create a user waypoint well out on the 090 radial. Flight plan direct the VOR then next waypoint as the user waypoint."

But the same user also made this suggestion:

"There is another not very well known but REALLY COOL feature Garmin has called '+MAP' waypoint. You can 'rubber band' a route to get around weather."

This is a less often used technique (as mentioned on Garmin's blog) to quickly alter your flight plan in an arbitrary way. In order to use this, you need to have a flight plan loaded with two or more points. On the Navigation 2 page, use the cursor and move it to an area you want to fly to or fly by.

Then go Direct () to the cursor, which will show the magenta line going to the cursor on the map.

Next, go to the Flight Plan and highlight the aviation waypoint that is below where you want to enter the +Map. Dial in (by twisting the knobs) the +Map waypoint, and now you've inserted the new waypoint into your flight plan.

All the above probably works the very same way with the Garmin 1000, but I'm not able to confirm that.

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