1996 - Canadian Border to Butte, Montana (itinerary)

1997 - Butte to Riverton, Wyoming (itinerary)

1999 - Riverton to Mexican Border (itinerary) Two of us finally made it!!!

Total - 2465 miles!

Photo Collage HERE.


Fields & Mountains 

 Speed Deamon

 Nordic Team

 Pumping uphill

 Best photo of the trip

 Ted, in normal disposition

 The Nordic Team


 Dream On...




 Fly fishing


 Sunset - Red Rock Lake

 The ride out of Pinedale



 Medicine Lodge approach

 Togwotee Pass

Climbing Medicine Lodge

Descending to Mosquito Lake

Approaching Medicine Lodge

 Togwotee Pass

May Be Impassable When Wet

Wyoming Plains

Dave's Poker Face

Open Space in CO

What more can be said?

Open Plains of Wyoming

 Dave's Mean Cribbage Face

 Cruising Open Space in Colorado

 Wyoming Plateaus

 Moose Sign

 Open Plains with Storms

Ted Worship's the Stone Temple 

Wyoming Plateaus

Plenty of These Guys Around...

Stormy Skies - Wyoming

Gunnison National Forest

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