Photo Gallery

Jay & Rick   

The Team: Jay Rolls, Rick Harris, and Holly Harris (not shown). The Journey: 3 day trip in Los Angeles Bay, Baja, Mexico, around numerous islands.

Kayaks on the Beach   

On the beach, just before the trip gets underway. Excellent view of the volcano to the left.

Panorama of LA Bay   

Before descending to the shoreline while driving in, we stopped for this dramatic panorama. Click on photo for full 800 x 225 view of LA Bay.

View out the tent   

Million dollar view - what I saw when I unzipped my tent door at 7:30am on the third day.

Gliding into the Bay   

Beaching on the bay of an island at the end of day two. This is where we ended up camping for the night. I also hiked to the top of the volcano from here (in background, upper left).

Kayak on Glass Water   

Day three the wind died down and we had very placid water. This made the whale viewing especially easy, and somewhat more dramatic.

View from Kayak   

Typical view from the seat of the kayak.

View from Volcano   

I was greeted by this view of the bay and islands from the top of the volcano after a two hour climb. Much to my dismay, the top of the volcano was flat - no cone.

Map of our Island Route

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